The Magic of Moldavite

Pieces of moldavite from Bavaria, Germany, Photo by Ser Amantio di Nicolao via Wikimedia Commons

By now you’ve probably heard someone talking about the crystal known as moldavite. You might even have seen a YouTube Video or people on TikTok telling you all the wonderful things about it.

While social media trends can really drive the popularity of any given crystal and moldavite had been no exception. So what’s the big deal about this stone and why does almost everyone seem obsessed with it? Here’s some information about this stone and why its popularity has recently gone off the charts.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is what is known as a tektite, which comes from meteors that go through our atmosphere and hit the Earth. The dark green stone is a kind of meteoric glass that is mainly from the area surrounding the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia where meteors struck the earth approximately 14.5 to 15 million or more years ago. While it was believed that this was the only place that genuine moldavite came from, scientists have found similar moldavites or tektites with nearly identical properties in Germany, Austria, and Cote de Ivoire.

What Are the Properties of Moldavite?

A good reason for moldavite’s popularity may be that this stone tends to act as a
supreme activator. If you have blockages going on, moldavite can act as a catalyst to helping move those challenges out of your way much quicker than they might have been otherwise. This can be a good thing if you really want to get your spirituality moving in a meaningful way.
Some people claim that moldavite can force the wearer or the person who works with the stone to face certain lessons life lessons that they have been avoiding. We have even had customers mention that they were a little afraid of this particular stone because someone online claimed that it would wreak all kinds of havoc in their lives. It’s been our experience that the natural world really doesn’t work like that. The important thing to remember with moldavite, or with any other stone is that when you’re ready, things will line up in the most appropriate way for you and for your given situation.
Once you do have your stone, we recommend working in partnership with it. This is accomplished by direct communication with the spirit of the stone. Approach it with thoughts of respect, love, and a willingness to learn the lessons the stone is offering to you, and you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • Moldavite acts as an accelerator, especially when it comes to awakening your spiritual gifts and connecting to the Divine or All-That-Is. Some people who wear moldavite feel a sense of “coming home”.
  • Because moldavite is connected to the stars, it can be a little intense to work with. Such a connection is not something that needs to be rushed. Give yourself time to become accustomed to the energies of the stone. It is definitely not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by moldavite. If that happens, simply limit your time with the stone until you feel comfortable.
  • Moldavite works very well with the upper chakras. These include the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.
Of course, it’s important to remember that everyone relates to different stones in different ways. There are general properties, energies, and vibrations for each individual stone due to the elements making up that stone. So, what one person happens to experience with moldavite or any other stone may not be the same as what you might experience. You are your own best judge of how any stone makes you feel. Also, in our experience, the stones choose us as much as we choose them and tend to come into f our lives at a time that is most appropriate.
In light of its recent popularity, the price of moldavite has gone up substantially. It’s a good idea to purchase moldavite from a brick-and-mortar store rather than on websites like eBay or Etsy. You can never be sure what you are getting and you don’t get a chance to really interact with the stone when you purchase stones that way. We are aware of people who have spent a lot of money purchasing what they thought was moldavite from an online seller, only to receive what turned out to be nothing more than a piece of glass from a green wine or beer bottle.

At stores like ReAlive Metaphysical, they will only ever offer genuine moldavite from reputable suppliers who offer only genuine, high-quality stones. They are also committed to giving our customers as much information as possible about what they buy and are happy to answer any questions their customers might have.

(Note:  This blog post originally appeared on the website for ReAlive Metaphysical Shop.)