Herb of the Week – Agrimony

Agrimony eupatoria, photo by Ivar Leidus via Wikimedia CommonsAgrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) is one of the herbs that everyone doing any magic or herbal work should have on hand. This herb is in the rose family and is well known to be a jinx or curse breaker extraordinaire. According to Hoodoo author, Catherine Yronwode, this herb can also turn back slander and gossip and will successfully undo and any spellwork intended to break up a relationship.
If you’re an entrepreneur, or business owner, because of its “hooky” appearance in the wild, agrimony was used by the Native American Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) tribes to “hook” customers to purchase baskets and other wares.
In terms of magical healing, agrimony added to the rite as a wash, an infused oil for anointing the hands for the practitioner by assisting in the efficacy of the healing work.
Traditional herbalists and healers have long valued this particular herb as a sleep aid. Either put in a sachet and placed under the pillow or as a tea, many claim that it does help provide a good night’s rest.
Agrimony is an astringent herb with higher levels of tannic acid that can help treat oily skin or ease the itch of insect bites or other skin inflammation.
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(Photo credit: Ivar Leidus via Wikimedia Creative Commons)