Crystals: Their Power & Mystery

At ReAlive Metaphysical and Repurposing, which is the store that exclusively carries Alchemia products, they carry a wide range of crystals from around the world. For those just getting started in crystals, it may seem overwhelming when you walk into a shop and are faced with oh-so-many choices. In my experience, the best thing to do is just relax and enjoy the journey! Everyone at the store is more than happy to help you find that special stone that you’re looking for or give you suggestions for stones that you need for specific healing and metaphysical purposes.
Why Crystals Are So Special
From mankind’s earliest origins, we have been fascinated by the beauty of crystals. Humans have used crystals and other natural items to adorn our bodies and homes. As children, they fascinate us and often will continue to do so for the rest of our lives in any number of ways. There are many reasons why that crystals, rocks, and minerals do this for us. One reason that everyone is attracted to gemstones, both precious and semiprecious alike is that crystals connect us to the earth. Their many shapes, colors, levels of hardness and various uses enhance our lives with their own kind of special beauty and the energies that they give.
The powers within the stone can ease our minds, by relaxing us and raising our vibration. Crystals have been credited with helping increase energy levels, aided in healing, improving the chance of getting a job or in giving us courage. Crystals can even be programmed to help with specific purposes.
Below is a list of the most popular crystals and some of their properties and is just the first in a series of blog posts. Look for additional features on new arrivals in the store. The exciting thing about crystals is that there are new ones that are constantly being discovered. We will let you know about some of these new arrivals and their attributes as well.
Also, if you’re looking for a particular stone that you don’t see listed here, ask us if we carry it or if we can possibly obtain it for you. Or if you would like more information on a stone you already have or recently heard of, we’d be happy to answer your questions about it or do a little digging (no pun intended!) to find out more!
Quartz Crystal – Clear quartz is what most people think of when the word ‘crystal’ is mentioned. It is a powerful energy amplifier and will meet the needs of those who wear or carry this stone. Quartz can activate the chakras and energy centers in the body. When used in acupuncture, treatments are said to be more effective and long-lasting.
· Agate This covers a wide range of stones that come in almost every color of the rainbow. Agate transforms negative energy and lends stability. Red agate lends courage, while green agates promote mental stability and assists those who find difficulty in making decisions.
· Amazonite This stone is able to block cellphone and microwave emanations that constantly surround us. Place one near the computer to protect you from any harmful effects. Amazonite is wonderful for opening and stimulating the heart chakra.
· Amethyst –This February birthstone is one of the most spiritual of all crystals It transmutes negative energy into a higher vibration and awakens spiritual and psychic abilities. Amethyst enhances memory, and promotes restful sleep and overall relaxation.
· Aventurine This stone is worn for prosperity and imbues the wearer with leadership qualities. The stone promotes both compassion and creativity and helps to stabilize by making one able to see possibilities beyond what is right in front of them. It is excellent for relieving migraine headaches and is a good all-around healer.
· AzuriteThe Native American Indians have used azurite to help alleviate stress and to help the wearer connect with All-That-Is. This stone is particularly helpful in opening the throat chakra so that clear, heartfelt communications can be conveyed with compassion and understanding. This is an excellent stone for those who tend to be fearful and to help instill trust and clearing blockages in the heart, throat and third eye chakras.
· Bloodstone As the name implies, bloodstone is excellent as a blood cleanser and tonifier. Bloodstone lends courage and is an excellent immune-stimulator. It helps dispel anger in those with a tendency toward it and also assists in unblocking the root and solar plexus chakras.
· Blue Lace Agate Of all of the agates, blue lace agate possesses the most calming, peaceful energy of all. It assists the wearer in opening and healing issues with the throat chakra and allows for the free and conscious transmission of ideas and speaking from the heart. Blue lace agate can transform that which is first felt in the heart so that it can be more easily expressed.
· Carnelian This stone was sacred to the ancient Egyptians and was often carved into protective amulets in the shape of scarabs and ankhs. It is particularly healing to the body and the blood overall and aids in concentration and dispelling negative thoughts. Carnelian has the ability to calm anger and transform it to love.
· ChrysocollaAmerican Indians of the Southwest would often use this stone in much the same way that they used turquoise. Chrysocolla helps the wearer always speak and be able to hear the truth. It aids in lowering blood pressure, opening the heart and throat chakras and promotes joy in the life of those who carry it.
· Citrine Often referred to as “the merchant stone”, citrine offers abundance and stimulates the crown chakra to promote overall success for the one who possesses it. Citrine warms the wearer like the sun, instilling a sense of self-confidence and protects its owner from nightmares and ensures restful sleep.
· Emerald Considered a precious stone, emerald is considered a stone of faithfulness and integrity. Emerald helps to activate and balance the heart chakra and can promote enjoyment of life and healing of diseases which affect the heart, intestines and the eyes. Emerald is said to help the wearer achieve their goals and objectives.
· Garnet Especially valuable for those who travel garnet is said to protect the wearer and gives them courage in dangerous situations. It clears negative energy and is said to promote success in matters of the intellect and in business.
· Hematite – Perhaps one of the most grounding stones because of the magnetic qualities contained within it. It is a very heavy crystal and helps to ground the spirit of those who tend to be flighty or are easily affected by the negative energy of others. This stone is excellent in addressing conditions affecting the blood, stress, and fractures. Hematite is also helpful when facing any sort of legal challenge.
· Jade – Regarded in the East for millennia for its protective and healing properties, jade is highly valued. Jade is a crystal extraordinaire for opening up the heart chakra, removes toxins, and brings about pleasant dreams for those who possess it. Jade is excellent for attracting friendship, wealth, and abundance.
· Jasper Considered a “helper stone”, jasper will serve as a reminder to help others on our life’s journey. Jasper works as a unifier of the chakras and when placed in a room is an excellent conductor to absorb and dispel any negative energy. Jasper is also excellent at instilling and conveying courage and circulatory and digestive issues and in enhancing sexuality.
· Lapis LazuliThis stone was especially prized by the ancient Egyptians for its resemblance to the twilight or night sky filled with stars. Lapis was used to create the blue pigments in medieval paintings and is not prone to fading over time. Lapis helps to alleviate pain, instill love, friendship and awaken the psychic and intuitive centers. Lapis lazuli can also help the wearer achieve balance, harmony and a strong sense of Self.
· Moonstone Moonstone is said to be the stone of women and of intuition. Because it resembles the moon itself, magicians and mystics around the world have utilized moonstone to enhance intuition and female energies since antiquity. Moonstone is an especially helpful crystal to have for those dealing with menstrual concerns, menopause or childbirth. Because of its connection to intuition, it can also facilitate the opening of the higher chakras including the heart, throat, third eye and crown so that they work together.
· Obsidian Created from volcanic glass, obsidian is a crystal that is uniquely able to help ease pain, tension and dispel the pessimism of the wearer. Obsidian can also help in creating a connection to untapped abilities that may have been neglected. This is a very powerful stone that can help to launch one’s creativity and spirituality in order to create something unique in the physical plane.
· Peridot Another stone for abundance, peridot can increase creativity. Peridot purifies the body, aids in the function of the heart, liver, and lungs, and when worn can assist the wearer in looking back over their life and seeing the bigger picture. Peridot is also ideal for keeping away evil spirits or negative entities that may cause distress or loss of sleep.
· Rose Quartz – This crystal is most often referred to as the ‘Stone of Love’. It is one of the best stones for helping those who have been traumatized and find it difficult to love themselves. It is also an ideal stone for those who are caregivers and have a tendency to give so much away to everyone else that there is little left for themselves. Rose quartz is excellent for attracting and enhancing romance and love to the wearer. For those with heart and circulatory afflictions, rose quartz is an excellent facilitator for their healing.
· Ruby Long valued as a precious stone in ancient India, ruby is protective and balancing. Regarded as a stone of abundance, legend says that as long as a person owns a ruby, regardless of its size, they will never be completely destitute. Ruby instills courage, attracts love and passion, and fires the imagination. Because ruby is so protective and effective at dispelling negative energy in so many ways, it is easy to see why it is so highly valued today.
· Selenite – The crystal known as selenite has the power to connect its owner to the angelic realms. It is an excellent protector and can be used as a wand to help detach entities or “threads” of attachments that may be dragging down a person’s energy. Selenite dispels negative energies within the home and is especially helpful in homes with children or elderly persons as it is such a loving, nurturing stone.
· Smoky Quartz Like clear quartz crystal, smoky quartz can enhance and raise the vibrations all those near to it. Smoky quartz is an ideal crystal for addressing self-doubt due to its protective nature. Smoky quartz is a stone of prosperity, good luck, and abundance. It is known to help alleviate pain and strengthen the nerves to a sense of overall well-being and safety.
· Sodalite Specifically useful in addressing truth and integrity, sodalite is an excellent stone for those who consider themselves to be idealists. This crystal can help those who carry it to keep these ideals in mind while they continue to strive toward them. This is an excellent stone for those suffering from excess weight and fluid retention and can assist in the reduction of fevers.
· Tiger Eye The reflective, fibrous nature of tiger eye is what lends itself to the name. This crystal truly does resemble a tiger’s or cat’s eye. Tiger eye has excellent grounding qualities, enhances practicality, and helps the wearer to focus on accomplishing their goals. This stone also is very protective in nature and can prevent ill wishes from affecting the one who carries it.
· Turquoise – Turquoise is considered a sacred stone around the world – from the Ancient Egyptians to many Indigenous Native American Nations in the Americas. This stone is considered to be very protective. The Egyptians attributed this stone to Hathor, the goddess associated with love, beauty, learning and “all good things”. Archaeologists have found small shrines and votive offerings to Hathor on the site where the homes of the turquoise mines were located. The tribes of the American Southwest would affix turquoise to their bows to ensure good hunting as well as adding them to the bridles of their horses to protect them from stumbling or broken legs in the rough terrain. Throughout the world, this is stone is believed to attract abundance and wealth. In healing, turquoise assists in maintaining good health and repels all manner of illness away from the wearer.
Of course, this is just the beginning of the stones that we carry and there are far more than what I have listed here.  Please watch this space for more in-depth posts and guides about the individual stones.